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Karolien.'s Contentplanner 2023

Get my personal content planning tool allowing you to save time and produce content in a focused and organized way

You’ll get my personal ready-to-use content planning tool in Excel containing:

  • An overview of the different building blocks of my content marketing strategy. Explained and illustrated with an example. 
  • An annual content plan sheet
  • A separate sheet for every month complete with all the days of that month, all the content building blocks and dropdown lists for every content piece.
    You can filter for every content building block to see if you are using a good mix.)
  • Customizable file, if needed
Karolien Vanhelden - True Personal Branding
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"Karolien provides the right tools that you can use immediately. Thanks to Karolien.'s Contentplanner, it is so much easier and faster for me to work out
a well-founded communication strategy."

Vicky Bogaert - Creative Visual Storyteller - The Untold