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How a strong personal brand always wins
ā€œDreaming of a world full of fascinating people"

authenticity how to fascinateĀ® personal branding storytelling-truthtelling Jan 17, 2024
Karolien Vanhelden - Personal Branding - A strong personal brand always wins

It’s already mid-January, Quitters Day has passed and we survived Blue Monday. How is it going in the meantime with your new year resolutions? 

For 2024 I have 1 big dream. I am dreaming of a world full of fascinating people. Just like you! So it would break my heart if you have already buried your good intention of building a strong personal brand. I would love to see that personal branding triumphs this year and remains a successful resolution

Our good intentions often start with introspection, as a strong compass for the upcoming year. How do I evaluate myself? Where do I want to add some changes? A strong personal brand also starts with a refreshing plunge into who you are. However, according to me, you not only need to understand how you look at yourself. But especially how other people interpret you and your personality. In that way you can pinpoint what others see as your most valuable qualities.

Because if you know how you fascinate others just by staying yourself, an inner flame will start and continue to burn. And not as volatile as fireworks, as it often goes with intentions. Falling in love with yourself again is the ultimate start of your personal branding journey and of the new year...

New year resolutions often remain very vague, although it is very important to clearly define your objectives. Formulating your personal brand with the right words is a must. You might have experienced that boost of confidence, you are maybe again in love with yourself. But then it is time to fascinate your ideal clients and to let them fall in love with you.

That is why I pay extra attention to express accurately someone’s unique value, so that it is clear why you should bring a toast to your fascinating self. And the others also need to know why they should raise their glass to you, right?

This shows the importance of other people around you. If you keep your good intentions to yourself, they will most likely fail. We often do this out of fear to fail in what we want to achieve. "What will the others think then?" A strong personal brand is related to a warm network. Celebrating and growing together is so much more fun than just on your own. Make yourself visible in a fascinating way that matches your personality. Share your story and show what you have to offer.

And yes, sometimes you don't feel like working on your personal brand. Because of time constraints, a negative comment,... But then it is even more important than ever to align again with your inner flame and let it burn again. I am more than willing to keep you accountable. Do it at your own pace. Your party, your rules... And consider building a strong personal brand as a continuous investment in yourself.

In other words, get to know yourself better, know why you should bring a toast to yourself, celebrate together and – especially – be kind to yourself. Only then personal branding will triumph in this new year and my world full of fascinating people will become a reality…

Would you like to be fascinating? Would you like to build a strong personal brand? Don’t hesitate to book a free call with me HERE. I would love to listen to your story and see how I can help you...

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