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What do I have
in store for you?

More details about my different offers can be found below the section Grow with me in the menu.

Your Personal Brand kickstart with Fascinate® - One coaching session

Unique in Belgium!
(English or Nederlands)

  • Fascinate® assessment (in your own language)
  • Extensive report (English)
  • Online individual coaching session of 90 minutes (English or Dutch)

245 EUR (VAT excl)

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Your Personal Brand kickstart with Fascinate® - Two coaching sessions

Unique in Belgium!
(English or Nederlands)

  • Fascinate® assessment (in your own language)
  • Extensive report (English)
  • Online individual coaching session of 90 minutes (English or Dutch)
  • Online individual workshop of 90 minutes (English or Dutch) 

Introduction price:
395 EUR (VAT excl)

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Fascinate® for teams - Build a culture of engagement 

Unique in Belgium!
Half-day or full day workshop

The greatest way to empower an employee is to focus on what makes each employee most valuable
During my workshops I show each employee how to develop their own core advantages, so they can present themselves and communicate in a way that captures attention and builds relationships with colleagues and customers.

If you choose the full day experience, I will also focus on the team as a whole and identify the team’s core strengths and communication style and how the team can operate to solve problems, deal with conflict, and achieve results.

All of this, based on the science of How To Fascinate® and on how the world sees the team and its members. 

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Karolien.'s Contentplanner 2023

Get my personal content planning tool allowing you to save time and produce content in a focused and organized way

  • An overview of the different building blocks of my content marketing strategy. Explained and illustrated with an example. 
  • An annual content plan sheet
  • A separate sheet for every month complete with all the days of that month, all the content building blocks and dropdown lists for every content piece.
  • Customizable file, if needed

37 EUR (VAT excl)

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