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I want to educate, inspire and grow people to have the courage to be their true self, so that together we can unlock the world’s authenticity and knowledge. So of course I am eager to share my own expertise with you (in English or Dutch or ...) about personal branding, content marketing, the How to Fascinate® methodology, truth marketing,…!

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Official biography of Karolien Vanhelden

Karolien Vanhelden is a 42-year-old philologist & marketer, born and raised in Belgium. After a corporate career of 15 years of which almost a decade in marketing consulting and after having co-led a marketing consulting firm as head of marketing, she switched gears to become an entrepreneur.

She is a personal branding & content marketing expert who teaches professionals, managers, employees, solopreneurs, coaches, creators, freelancers,… how to stand out by using truth as a marketing tool. As a truthpreneur she wants to make truth marketing the new standard for doing business. By knowing and daring to be your true self and by using truth-infused stories and content, she is convinced that people and businesses can flourish.

To go even further in helping to grow outstanding truthtellers, personal brands and thought leaders, Karolien is a Fascinate® Certified Advisor (the only one in Belgium!). By using this personal brand-building methodology she offers her clients the most comprehensive look at how the world sees them and how they can fine-tune their personal brand to fascinate their audience. Not by changing who they are, but by becoming more of who they are and sharing their expertise. Because in the end, unlocking the world’s authenticity and knowledge, that is where Karolien stands for.

Karolien can be contacted for the following discussion topics: personal branding, content strategy & marketing, the How to Fascinate® methodology, truth marketing, visibility, positioning,…

Next to her love for the power of the word and the richness of vocabulary to tell the right story truthfully, she is a strong believer in visual storytelling. She loves photography, with her daughter Lilly as her favorite model…

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