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My definition of personal branding...

In these ever-changing times the safest thing you can rely on is your personal brand. Your personal brand is the safe haven in the outside chaos where you can always trust on your own superpowers and uniqueness.

To me personal branding lies at the intersection of personal development, branding & positioning, content marketing and network building. So personal branding doesn’t equal bragging or mere self-promotion. It is about me, you and us.

Translated into my own definition: Personal branding is about

  • the authentic ME,
  • telling my personal story and making a valuable promise to YOU
  • to build together a healthy and meaningful relationship for US.

Or in other words, personal branding is:

  • a permission or even a mandate to be yourself…
    (Re)discover and understand yourself, your true and authentic self.
  • a promise that you make ánd keep…
    Through your personal brand and your story you manage the expectations of others. They will understand what they can expect from you (and your services) and will be convinced of your quality. Get to know what other people value and see if your personal brand can live up to the promise to deliver constantly that value.
  • a relationship…
    With personal branding you build a relationship with people who give you extra energy, who get you, who share your values and who are open to you, your story and your offering.

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