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This is how we roll...

7 things you need to know
about my modus operandi

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1. Truth AND dare

As a truthpreneur, I want to inspire and grow the next generation of storytellers: Truthtellers. I will make sure you first know your truth, stick to your truth and eventually spread your truth. Actually not just spreading, but really acting upon the narrative you carry out. And this will inquire stepping out of your comfort zone. It is not just a matter of telling your truth OR daring to do things that challenge you. It is both. By showing your vulnerability and by sharing your journey you will push yourself forward (and at the same time people will appreciate your courage).

Am I talking about complete transparency about everything? No, you don’t need to share your whole private life, especially not when loved ones are involved. You choose your themes that are at the intersection of who you truly are and what people are longing for to hear.

Let’s be real together whilst stepping out of our comfort zone… Scary? Like hell. Liberating? Definitely!

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2. Go narrow to go broad

Uhm what? Isn’t it the other way around? Nope. Once you know who you truly are and how you want to position yourself, you will find a feeling of calmness allowing you to claim your stage. I support you to get to know your unique strengths. I invite you to focus on what makes you different and help you how you can deploy that to the fullest. Your strengths will become even stronger! Through my Fascinate® coaching you will know your personality and personal brand type, your archetype, and how you can deploy that uniqueness to have a huge impact. Don’t they say that we need to first be limited in order to become limitless?
So yes, we first think inside the box to then conquer the world!

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3. Me + You = Us

Newsflash: Personal branding is not just about me, myself and I. It doesn’t equal bragging or mere self-promotion. Personal branding is about me, you and us. It is about the authentic ME, telling my personal story and making a valuable promise to YOU to build together a healthy and meaningful relationship for US. I will make sure all these parties get the attention they deserve.

And I will always have your back. I will guide you through your challenges. To put it cheesy: We will go together to go far…

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4. One action at a time

It is in my nature to keeps things on target. I have a specific methodology for thinking things through and always keep in mind where we are going. And the only way to move closer to your desired life and business is to do it step by step, action by action. Trust me. I am a strong believer of progressing gradually, hence my step-by-step approach. Let’s take those steps together!

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5. No guesswork allowed

Well, that is maybe too harsh. In my opinion, when it comes to personal branding, it is not only about gut feeling. Reflection and research combined with good intuition is the best cocktail. I developed myself a step-by-step transformational journey with in-depth exercises, tools and reflection moments and I use the proven Fascinate® methodology to understand your personality and personal brand type. Thorough research and reflection with a special attention to the personal details, that is my signature.
And if you are not sure about something? Don’t assume, just ask!

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6. Going the extra mile

Mediocre, average,… not in my dictionary!
Exceeding expectations, going above and beyond, giving everything 200% and more,… that is how we roll!
I rest my case…

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7. Kind people only

I take a strong stand for kindness. Kindness wins every time. So trolls are not welcome in our community nor is disrespectful behavior.
What can I say? Kind people are just my kind of people…

Want to work together?

If you are that kind person willing to go the extra mile together and if you are convinced of my way of working, I believe I can help you kickstart and rock your personal brand.

Let's do it!