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My values

My core values are my nonnegotiables that I will defend no matter the odds, even when I am the only one in the room sharing them. I believe upholding strong values shows who you are underneath the surface and helps you to live authentically. When I knew my personal values I actually also found myself for a large part, because they form the foundation for the purposeful life I want to lead.

Authenticity & Truth

In my modest opinion these two values should be combined at any time. Free from any outside influence, I always need to be true to myself and have the courage to be myself (authenticity) and dare to share my true (personal) stories (truth). Being authentic and truthful in my life also makes me accountable for myself. I am convinced that through these two values I will also create an environment in which you can be your authentic self and aren’t afraid to share your ideas and stories with me (and the world).

Want to know exactly how I define Authenticity?

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Regardless of what the outcome is, as long as everything happens in a fair and correct way I am happy. If not, past experiences learned me that it can really block me from moving forward. I am highly principled and value equal treatment. Treat others like you want to be treated yourself, right? And that is how I want to roll in my life and business. You could say this is the emotional side of me talking, but isn’t this pure ratio, a form of respect and common sense?


I am a lifelong learner. I am like a sponge, continuously absorbing new insights with my never-ending curiosity. But mostly I live to inspire other people by sharing my knowledge and vision. By leading by example I want to motivate you to share your expertise and talent as well so that together we can unlock not only the world’s authenticity but also the world’s knowledge.

(Personal) growth

Realizing my full potential and yours is super important. It implies getting together out of our comfort zone to become our true self and grow our business and level of proficiency. No scarcity mindset here! Rather the belief in abundance and growth…

Be of service in an empowering way

I intentionally work to help and benefit you to positively impact your life BUT in an empowering way. I will give you everything you need and share everything I know, but in the end you will need to run with it yourself and take action! Let me then be your loudest cheerleader…

All of this will always be topped with a thick Excellence sauce. I take pride in my work and strive for professionalism and high quality in everything I do. I don’t settle for the average. Always on the lookout for improvement: more value and more impact to exceed expectations and produce powerful desired results.

These are my personal values and at the same time my business values. I want to share with you my knowledge about personal branding and content marketing. In that way you will discover your authentic and true self and grow as a person and authority. All of this in a set-up of equality and empowerment.

Since these values are the bedrock of my business, I am convinced I will attract like-minded people. People who want to show their authentic self and share their expertise with the world, but don’t yet dare or don’t know where to start. People who are kind and appreciate fairplay. People who want to grow as a person and have an impact on others. Just like you. The law of attraction, am I right?

Want to know how I define Authenticity? Download my free whitepaper

The word authenticity is so overused that we’ve become numb to it. The misuse and overusage have even turned it ironically into a fake word. Authenticity, a hollow word? On the contrary! This value is more topical than ever. Discover my definition of authenticity based on research to get rid of all of the semantic vagueness around the word…

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