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true meaning of Authenticity

Nowadays, the call for authenticity has become so loud that we are experiencing a deflation of the word and a growing disbelief in this value. The word authenticity is so overused by people, companies and brands that we’ve become numb to it, as if it has almost lost its meaning. 

A common language around authenticity is necessary so we don’t just erase authenticity based on misunderstanding and semantic vagueness.

In this whitepaper, based on research, I will share with you my view on authenticity and the three inspiration sources (Brené Brown, James Gilmore & Joseph Pine, Professor Andrea Semprini) that formed my own definition.

You will learn that:

  • Authenticity is a mix of past, present and future.
    Being yourself today and tomorrow without ignoring the past baggage you carry with you…
  • Authenticity is not only about you, but also about the others.
    Implying a touch of perception of other people…
  • Authenticity is a choice and a practice.
    Having the courage to show up every day authentically…
  • Authenticity is your BFF (Best Friend Forever). You didn’t expect that one, right?

Leave your details behind, get access to this whitepaper and understand better what authenticity really means.

Join me on my quest to create a common language around authenticity and to prevent authenticity from becoming a hollow word…

Grab my free whitepaper on
the true meaning of Authenticity

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