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The law of attraction, the Halloween version...
"Believe in your own brilliance"

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Karolien Vanhelden - Personal Branding - Law of attraction

London, Halloween 2007. Without a doubt a memorable evening. And with Halloween on the agenda today, I had a throwback to our time back in London.

To give a bit of context: during two years (2007 and 2008) we were having the time of our lives in this vibrant city. London still feels like my second home. I would go back in a heartbeat… Not for the busy atmosphere or overcrowded tubes, but for the hidden gems, lovely getaways, long walks next to the canals, the vibe of possibilities, people from all walks of life, the exploration of new trends,…

But Halloween 2007 it was. Nowadays it is a well-known celebration here, but back then it wasn’t really a thing yet in Belgium. So as a naive Belgian girl I went out, not aware of what was happening outside in London. So I was surprised to see that, already in the morning, everyone was dressed up, the most original costumes first.

But when the night fell it got scarier and scarier. Zombies, ghosts, witches, monsters,… all over the place. And if there is one thing I am afraid of (confession time!), then it is being scared that someone scares me. Afraid to get frightened. For example, I would never go into a haunted house where you need to walk around yourself. The feeling that someone could be lurking around at any corner and could scare you, freezes me.

So there I was in London during Halloween time. To set even further the scene in what kind of mood I was that evening: the tube broke down. I kid you not. So everyone needed to go via the dark tube tunnel. You can imagine that it is not a reassuring view to see zombies, vampires, … in dark tunnels, searching their way.

To get to my point, when walking through the street (when it was already dark and late in the evening), I was so scared that someone would scare me. And what happened? Dressed up people started following me, almost touching me. They jumped in front of me, scaring the hell out of me. Why? People sensed that I was afraid, that I was continuously looking around with an anxious look on my face. And thus I attracted people to scare me. What I absolutely didn’t want to happen, happened.

Enters the law of attraction. I am not a specialist at all in this matter. But I do believe that positive thoughts bring positive results into a person’s life, while negative thoughts bring negative outcomes. So no surprise that I got frightened all the time, the outcome I wanted to avoid avidly, due to my scary thoughts and the vibes I was unconsciously sending out.

The same goes for personal branding. If you constantly think that nobody is interested in you and your story, you won’t attract your ideal client. Like attracts like, you know. People tend to win over people who are similar to them. But to charm like-minded people, you should fascinate people just by being yourself, sharing your story and using the communication style that comes natural to you. Once you know and believe in your own brilliance, the distinct value that you and only you can offer, you will get a boost of confidence and you will radiate that energy and fascinate people. Or in the law of attraction words, whatever you focus your energy on, will come back to you.

Personal branding allows you to build a successful journey for yourself, since it comes down to this law of attraction: you will attract what you show and what you create. Believing in yourself, knowing with whom you truly want to work and offering those people the value that appeals to them, will help you attract your like-minded clients.

So think positive and be your natural self. Don’t be that young lady who is scared that someone approaches her in an over-the-top costume, but go with the flow and embrace yourself to attract what you are longing for and leave the monsters behind. (With this in mind, maybe, just maybe, I will take another shot at celebrating Halloween in London again… But let me first start out tonight...)

I wish you a (not too) scary Halloween full of trick-or-treating! 

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