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Playing the bigger game
“It is not about getting things right, but about getting things started"

authenticity entrepreneurship mindset personal branding Mar 08, 2023
Karolien Vanhelden - True Personal Branding - Playing the bigger game

Our comfort zone… It’s like a security blanket that makes us feel safe and in control. As long as we hold on to our blanket, everything will be all right, right? Not sure about that. Because a security blanket is at the same time something we anxiously hold on to… So aren’t we self-sabotaging ourselves?

We are afraid of leaving our comfort zone because it gives us a sense of certainty. But too much certainty deprives us from growing. And too much uncertainty might lead to fear. What a difficult paradox to overcome! How often do I ask myself: Why don’t I just choose the straight-forward, easy path? Why do I always need to challenge myself? Do you recognize this?

That is because it is mainly on the other side of our comfort zone where we can have impact. We don’t want to play small. We are meant to play the bigger game. In our comfort zone we are chilling, but not thriving. When you have that feeling, it is time to pass to the next uncomfortable level!

How do I try to play the bigger game?

  • I have my own mantra when I feel I am playing small or I am doubting myself: Watch me (with a threatening tone and look). That is what I tell myself to keep on going. What’s yours?
  • I try to surround myself with the right people. When I was younger I followed drama classes. Rather brave for an introvert like me. But I could shine on stage, thanks to my drama teacher. Unfortunately she passed away too early, but she made a real difference in my life. Just how she looked at me when performing, gave me that extra push and boost of confidence… When you do something out of your comfort zone, find those people who support you and bring you even further.
  • I’m an organizer, a planner. So I love step-by-step action plans to set me up for success. That takes away a bit of the uncertainty and allows me to - in the end - play the bigger game. It is all about taking action. An action gets you into motion. Of course, you don’t necessarily need to know the whole plan. As Oprah Winfrey recommended, you just need to know the next right move and then, from that space, make the next right move and the next one…
  • I try to keep on showing up. (Of course, I'm a personal brander...) Even when I post something on social media and it stays silent at the other side, I will still share something the next day. Even when I am doubting whether or not people will be interested in my story, I will still hit the send button.

I invite you to set aside some time and ask yourself some questions: Where am I playing small in my life and/or business? What mantra can help me to play the bigger game? Who are those people who can give me that extra push? What is the next right move for me?

Don’t forget that it is not about getting things right, but about getting things started...

Do you want to play the bigger game, step out of your comfort zone and become more visible? Book a FREE discovery call with me HERE or have a look at my program Your Personal Brand kickstart with Fascinate® HERE. Don't play small anymore and take the next right move with me...

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