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Prompts to get your summer content off the starting blocks
ā€œLet's summer-ize your stories!"

authenticity content marketing personal stories storytelling-truthtelling Jul 24, 2023
Karolien Vanhelden - Personal Branding - Summer stories

A throwback towards a lovely sunny terrace in Sarasota, Florida, in 2015. We love to make roadtrips and we have done a lot across the United States and Canada. That particular year we were discovering Florida and we stopped for one night in Sarasota. We had a beach walk, strolled the Circus Ring of Fame (a sidewalk of circus stars) in St. Armands Circle,… It was a kind of “present meets past” feeling with good (beachy) vibes only. Waiting for some specialty shops to open, we decided to sit down with a refreshing drink at one of the many sidewalk cafes.

When travelling I always carry with me my little red booklet in which I write down all my business ideas (already since 2012!). Because when you are on holidays and you discover foreign countries, inspiration flows so much more… So when sitting there in Sarasota I discussed with my partner Tim my vision on personal branding. I was so enthusiastic that I drafted on the back of a little plan of Sarasota’s surroundings a whole frameworkAnd yes, I still have and cherish this plan...

Unfortunately, as it often goes after holidays and you start working again, your ideas are quickly archived and you continue with the daily business as usual. But now, after all those years, I am finally pursuing my dream of unlocking the world's authenticity and knowledge through the power of personal branding...

Without a doubt my Sarasota summer memory is very precious to me from a professional point of view. Although the summer is characterized by a slower business pace and a lower audience engagement, it is an excellent season to gather stories, summer stories that resonate. You might be out there travelling, relaxing, enjoying longer days or sitting around a campfire, next to a swimming pool, on a terrace, in a vacation cottage with friends or family… All of that are perfect sceneries to share stories with your audience. It shows the (wo)man behind the brand, the human side of your brand. Showing yourself, as a personal brand, in summer mood might expand your reach and engagement. 

So let me help you to summer-ize (!) your stories and content.Here are some prompts that might inspire you to start a new summer story (for your (personal) blog, social media, newsletter,…):

  • Describe one of your favorite summer experiences (Your best summer ever)
  • Write about something that went very wrong on your holidays
  • Share a conversation that took place around a campfire
  • Tell about something you used to do for fun as a kid during summertime
  • Reveal your favorite family summer tradition
  • Sketch your ideal summer day
  • Use the following text snippets as a springboard for a more polished summer story: This summer, I spent my time… Something that really stood out was… I remember feeling/thinking/saying… I’m really glad that I… I wasn’t too fond about… Next time/summer I will…

Hope these ideas help you to get your summer content off the starting blocks. I wish you a summer full of beautiful memories.

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