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The importance of together
“Experience the power of not doing everything yourself"

authenticity entrepreneurship mindset personal branding Jun 14, 2023
Karolien Vanhelden - Personal Branding - The importance of together

The importance of together…

I have always had difficulties asking help from other people. I have always wanted to figure out everything myself. But this is not only time consuming (Why not ask someone who knows the answer in a heartbeat?) but also very lonely. When I took the decision to become an entrepreneur the thought of not having colleagues anymore crossed my mind. But I found like-minded entrepreneurs willing to listen, help and hold up a mirror. I immediately understood the power of not doing everything yourself and the energy boost of togetherness.

Network loyalty prevails company loyalty. I understand now that it is all about the people you encounter and that stick around you, if you want to flourish as a person and as an entrepreneur. It is not L'enfer, c'est les autres...but it is L'enfer, c'est le manque des autres... You can only be successful, not by doing everything yourself, but through connection and mutual dependency. Society expects that you are independent, but what is wrong with relying on each other?

That is why I always emphasize that personal branding isn’t mere self-promotion. It is about me, you and especially us: the authentic ME telling my personal story and making a valuable promise to YOU to build together a healthy and meaningful relationship for US. With personal branding you build a relationship with people who give you extra energy, who get you, who share your values and who are open to you, your story and your offering.

In other words, surround yourself with the right people, preferably kind people. Because kindness always wins...

So let’s help each other out… And let me know, how can I help you?

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