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The war for attention
“Your personal brand to monetize your business"

authenticity how to fascinate® personal branding thought leadership Jan 31, 2023
Karolien Vanhelden - Personal Branding - War for attention

In this war for attention, should you shout louder?

If you didn’t notice it yet, currently there is a war for attention happening… Due to the limited attention span of people, entrepreneurs and professionals were seeking for attention by anxiously increasing the amount of followers, of comments,… They thought: “If no one is listening to you, nothing is going to happen”. Hence the need for a large audience. I call this attention for the sake of attention and not for solving a problem.

You could question the shortened attention span. Because how do you explain bingewatching Netflix or YouTube videos? I think people get mainly more and more selective with their attention. They cannot read every newsletter, every social media post,… Besides, the world has changed. Attention is something you could buy if you would want to (through ads, influencers, buying audiences,…).

It is not about shouting louder anymore. It is about attention to solve a problem. Be noticed that you are the perfect solution for a specific need by focusing on your differences. Again, not different for the sake of being different, but to solve that specific problem.

Your personal brand is the way to monetize your business. You want a certain audience to get ‘addicted’ to you (maybe too much of a drugs connotation?), you want to fascinate them. The more insights you have in yourself and how you can make a difference in the life of others, the more you will attract ‘your people’. And the more like-minded people you attract, the more the demand increases and the more you and your personal brand will be known and sought out. And the more you are seen, the more feedback you receive. And so the circle is closed…

I visualized this loop as follows:


Do you want to know how you grab the attention, how you fascinate people, how you are different and how you are the perfect solution to your audience’s need? Sign up for my Your Personal Brand kickstart with Fascinate® program with 2 coaching sessions and we win the war for attention together.

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